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  • Elisabeth Stark and the project in the Annual Report of 2018 of UZH.
  • In the fall term, prof. Naomi Baron, Washington, will spend two weeks at UZH as a DSI fellow in the context of our project and the URPP Language and Space (Interaction in virtual spaces).

Latest publication 

Morel, Etienne; Natale, Silvia (2019): Orthographie in WhatsApp & Co. Eine Untersuchung zum Normbewusstsein in der mobilen schriftbasierten Kommunikation. Networx 85. ISSN: 1619-1021. DOI: 10.15488/4535.

Ueberwasser, Simone/Stark, Elisabeth (2017). What’s up, Switzerland? A corpus-based research project in a multilingual country. Linguistik online  84/5, 105-126.


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